Zeitronix ZAVT-1 Audio-Visual Warning and Trigger box

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Add robust failsafe features using the ZAVT-1 Warning and Trigger Box. The Zt-2 Wideband controller will monitor user set levels triggering the ZAVT-1 Warning/Trigger box and optional relay if one or a combination of values exceeds limits. Trigger a failsafe condition on any Zt-2 input including AFR, Boost, RPM, TPS, EGT, Oil/Fuel Pressure, Air/Water temperatures and more. Protect your engine or trigger more power with the fail-safe trigger connected to boost solenoids, nitrous, or methanol/water injection. Create a failsafe gauge with the Zt-2 controller watching both displayed values and any other connected sensors or inputs. This simple failsafe safeguard is a great way to protect your engine, hardware and time investment.