Zeitronix KT-4 CAN Bus 4 Channel K-Type Thermocouple Module

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Zeitronix's KT-4 Four channel K-Type Temperature Meter for EGT, Air Intake, Cylinder Head, Water, Oil, Brakes and more. Easily combines multiple of four channels through CAN Bus and analog outputs for 8 cylinder engines. Many K probe options for different systems and temperature measurements. Probe fault indicator. Flexible Can Bus speeds and addresses


  • 4 thermocouple input
  • CAN Bus output for an external display or logger
  • Digilat LCD display output
  • LCD display input names are user adjustable
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit units
  • CAN Bus allows for connecting multiple units for more temperature inputs
  • User selectable CAN Bus Speed, ID, address, update rate


  • KT-4 CAN Thermocouple Module