Wagner Tuning Intercooler Kit Yaris GR

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The WAGNERTUNING high-performance intercooler has got a new competition core (tube fin) with the dimensions 630 mm x 137 mm x 135 mm + 630 mm x 43 mm x 100 mm (stepped core: 14,36 liters) / 24,8Inch x 5,4Inch x 5,3Inch + 24,8Inch x 1,7Inch x 3,94Inch (stepped core: 876Inch³) , which was developed especially for the requirements of the Toyota GR Yaris. This high-performance core offers an 24 % larger frontal surface and 69 % more core volume compared to the stock intercooler.

The aluminum cast endtanks were designed in CAD and optimized in CFD simulations (for an ideal internal airflow). The result is a excellent cooling property with a minimal back pressure. The newly developed performance core provides the adjoining components (for example the watercooler) enough air flow by using a specially prepared air baffle. That`s why this kit is perfect for racing use. An optimal cooling effect of the charged air with a significant increase in performance!

An anti-corrosion powder coating with perfect heat-conducting properties protects the WAGNERTUNING intercooler from all environmental influences, so a lasting and optimal cooling effect can be guaranteed. The installation is done by replacing the original intercooler and is easy to perform (plug and play). All our products are subject to a continuous quality monitoring.

Inlet and outlet diameters have been increased to Ø60mm (Ø2,36inch). Therefore this kit includes reinforced silicone hoses as well as an aluminum boost and charge pipe.

Details stock intercooler:

  • V = 8,5 L / 519Inch³
  • A = 913 cm² / 141Inch²

Details WAGNERTUNING intercooler:

  • V = 14,36 L / 876Inch³ (+69%)
  • A = 1134 cm² / 176Inch² (+24%)

This kit comes with:

  • 1 intercooler
  • 3 silicone hoses (black)
  • 1 boost pipe
  • 1 charge pipe
  • 1 mounting material
  • 1 installation instruction