Tomei Timing Belt Subaru EJ20 / EJ25 DOHC

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SUBARU EJ20/25 engine was designed with a lengthy 227mm timing belt that stretches acorss the entire length of the horizontally opposed engine,powering the water pump in the middle.
Occasionally in the stock timing belt's case, the belt becomes stretched. offsetting the valve timing of in worst cases, the engine suffers major catastrophic failures.
Tomei's EJ20/25 timing belt is highly resistant against this stretching issue and especially to heat because of the aramid cloth and the strongest glass fibers that are incorporated into the design.
Nylon Micro Fiber kneaded in the rubber also prevents tooth-jumping by increasing the tooth strength.
The utilization of this timing belt effectively maintains the correct operation of the valve timing that keeps the engine lasting for longer period of time.