TEIN Super Racing Coilovers R35 GT-R

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TEIN Flagship Circuit Model shock absorber for extreme fine-tuning. Developed from actual competition TEIN was able to create a fully adjustable damper that can be easily tuned for any track and weather conditions.


Made in Yokohama (Japan)
Camber/Caster adjustable pillowball upper mounts
Selectable spring rate
Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment
Individual 16-Level Damping Force Adjustment for Compression and Rebound
Robust Steel Shell Case (Strut Type)
Inverted Damper (Strut Type)
Light Weight (Wishbone/Multi-Link)
Upper Spring Seat (Wishbone/Multi-Link)
Swiveling External Reservoir (Wishbone/Multi-Link)
Conical Spring Washer
Lower Bracket with Camber Angle Adjustability (Strut Type)
EDFC compatible
Durable & reliable