RAYS Volk Racing TE37XT for J UL Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Color: Matte Gunblack (MT)
Included: Air Valve

The Spirit of 37: "Come and Get Me!"
When seeking to get the best out of a Jimny, you realize how excellent the stock wheels are. Naturally, the most optimal parts are genuine parts, but the essence of 37 is to seek more specialized sports-orientated performance. RAYS developed the TE37 XT for J UL by refining the qualities of the wheel to a degree no one else could. RAYS successfully reduced the weight by approximately 350g from the XT for J without sacrificing its strength. The results of repeated analysis led to an improvement in the moment of inertia. RAYS want you to experience the smoothness of inertial braking and turnaround for yourself.