RAYS Volk Racing TE37SB Tourer Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
RAYS original test: Clears JWL&JWL-T standards
Color: Black/Rim DC (BD)
Included: European Aluminium Air Valve (RAYS new logo) (BK)
Optional: TE37 LARGE Center cap, VOLKRACING 6H Center Cap(Black Chrome, Chrome)


Sporty driving for the 1 BOX CAR
A standard 1 BOX car’s wheel regards the load to clear JWL-T standards which is far heavier than a regular vehicle. Therefore, enough strength is required while not forgetting about weight loss. This new development strengthens the inner rim to far exceed the JWL-T standards with both strength and rigidity. At the same time, were able to provide a 17x6.5J wheel with just an approximate weight of 7.5kg. This is an easy comparison of upgrade once installed.
High performance for the 1 BOXCAR ― VOLK RACING TE37SB.