RAYS Volk Racing CE28N 10 Spoke Design Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel (17", 18" Reverse Rim)
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Color: Bronze (BR)(almite)
Optional color: select from OP-1
Hyper color: Hyper Blue (HL), Hyprt Red (HR), Racing Green (IG), Hyper Gold (HO)
Included: Europian Aluminum Air Valve (RAYS new logo) BK
Optional: Center Cap

The latest of the lightest

All models of Volk Racing is built on lightweight and this CE28N is the lightest of them all. 5 hole and 4 hole design is built purely on reducing as much weight as possible. Through many years of advanced development, the CE28N will continue to be the standard of lightweight wheels.