RAYS Gram Lights AZURE 57BNX Wheel

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Method: Cast 1pc Wheel
RAYS original test: JWL&JWL-T standards
Color: Matt Graphite (MF), Shining Silver (SL)
Included: Center Cap, Air Valve


Stylish and Wild New Face of AZURE
57BNX a new LPS (large P.C.D.) model, the first new addition to the AZURE series in a little while mainly targets SUVs, such as Prado and Hilux. In the 2x6 design, the Y-spokes are arranged in a well-balanced way with the six holes. Its small-diameter center cap, which was adopted for the first time for the Gram Lights LPS models, has realized flowing concave lines that descend toward the center. The well section with a design featuring projections and depressions makes the wheel look voluminous enough even in comparison to the vehicles. The stylish and wild 57BNX is a new AZURE model that looks attractive both on and off roads.