RAYS Gram Lights 57TRANSCEND REV Limit Edition Wheel

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Method: RCF Cast 1pc Wheel
RAYS original test:Black&machining/E-pro Coat (BLJ)
Color:Super Dark Gunmetal/Rim Edge DC(H8)
Included:HB1 Air Valve RD


New color REV LIMIT EDITION appears in 57Transcend.

REV LIMIT EDITION has appeared as a limited model of 57Transcend, which prides itself on the fact that it is gramLIGHTS' first wheel light in weight with high rigidity, and it is colored with RAYS' traditional time attack color + α adopting a delta section spoke and RCF. By coloring not only the rim edge but also the logo machining on the spoke side vertical wall, which is one of the characteristics of 57Transcend, with E-pro Coat which colors only the cutting part, it suggests the needle of a meter that explodes to the rev-limit. In addition, a size (nut hole diameter φ 29) for the new Civic TYPE-R (FK8), which was difficult for the regular model to handle, was also added to the lineup.