RAYS Gram Lights 57FXZ RALLY Wheel

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Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel (Knurling finish)
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Color: White (OXZ)
Included: Air Valve
Optional: Center cap


Rally & Gravel wheel designed and developed to compete in rigorous global standards.
This wheel is based off of the 57FXZ with enough strength to equal the harsh rally races, while realizing the higher value of camber rigidity often needed in race conditions.
On driving performance tests, this wheel received higher ratings for its precisional response, which drivers need to completely communicate the information from road surfaces.
The TOYOTA GR YARIS RC is a grade of GR YARIS to participate in Rally and Dirt Trials. The 57FXZ Rally, adopts a new rim shape specifically to the GR YARIS RC's small diameter brake system.