Motec M142 Plug-In ECU Kit Yaris GR

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This M142 Plug-In Kit provides a complete replacement for the OE (original equipment) ECU for the Toyota Yaris GR 2020. Using existing wiring, the original fuel system and sensors, it delivers convenient installation with fully programmable control.
Along with fuel, ignition, throttle and camshaft control, this Kit also supports other OE ECU features, including:

  • Selectable Drive Mode including Normal, Sport, and Track using OE controls
  • Head-Up Display
  • Direct injector with high pressure fuel pump control and secondary port injector control (saturated high-ohm injectors only)
  • Cruise control
  • All OE dash functionality including warnings

Drivers should be aware that specifically the following standard features do not work utilising this M1 Package: Active Cruise Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Low Speed Pre-Collision System and Lane Trace Assist.

This product does not interact with the Radar Collision subsystem on the vehicle. As a result continuous alerts may be visible in the dash central information display and the following dash lights may be illuminated:

  • DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) Warning
  • Low Speed Pre-collision System Indicator

Installing the optional Dash Override feature prevents alarms associated with these systems showing up on the dash.
Kit includes:
  • M142M ECU
  • Enable for the MoTeC M142M ECU
  • M142 Toyota Yaris GR 2020 Adapter Kit
  • Firmware License (for the Toyota Yaris GR 2020 Package)
  • Logging License: Level 1 (upgrade available)
  • Analysis License: i2 Standard (upgrade available)