Motec C125 Colour Display Logger (non-logging)

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The C125 comes standard as a combined 5" full colour display and powerful control device with outstanding readability in direct sunlight. With the addition of the Data Logging upgrade it becomes a fully programmable data logger with 120 MB memory. Optional USB Logging provides additional data capacity and flexibility.

Numerous supplied display layouts offer fixed graphics with configurable channels and labels, while the optional Display Creator software provides the tools for full screen customisation.

The C125 acquires data from other devices, such as an ECU, and can display data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.



  •  Impressive High Resolution 125 mm (approx. 5") colour LCD display
  • High brightness for sunlight readability
  • Optional internal logging and USB logging
  • 10 full colour (RGB) LEDs; colour, function and intensity are fully programmable
  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications
  • Supports Wideband Lambda from MoTeC PLMs or LTCs
  • Easily integrates with MoTeC CAN based devices such as ECUs and expanders. Full I/O expansion with E888 and E816
  • GPS Lap Timing
  • Supports T2 Telemetry (with upgrade)
  • IP67 rated housing
  • A composite video input allows for a live on-screen footage, for example from a rear view camera (requires Display Creator)