Ignition Projects IP Quad Spark WRX STi EJ20 EJ25

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With constant research and development, we were be able to build the
Quad-spark system directly into the ignition coil without using an external discharge box.  Our Quad-spark technology creates a secondary voltage and produces a 46% increase in secondary current.  Powerful quad sparks are generated in 1/1000 of a second at low-mid RPM (up to 3000 rpm) increasing throttle response and low end drivability. After 3000 rpm, the coil switches to a powerful single spark which is critical for performance engines.  As with all products from Ignition Projects,
Quad-spark ignition coils are direct plug and play with the stock wiring harness.  No cutting or splicing involved.


  • Eliminates misfire
  • Increased throttle response
  • Stabilizes and smoothens idle
  • Quicker starts
  • 46% increase in ignition power
  • Easy plug and play installation