Ignition Projects IP Quad Pac Type V Ignition Kit EVO 4-6

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High power ignition kit for EVO 4-6 4G63 using IP Power Coils for the Nissan R35 GT-R. As supplied from IP the wiring is setup for sequential ignition (requires aftermarket ECU).

A feature of the IP Power Coil for R35 GT-R is its high secondary voltage. They deliver 22% more spark compared to the already powerful OEM R35 GT-R coil.

The plug boot has the same shape as the genuine OEM one.

Two versions can be supplied, one for self wiring (signal, power supply and ground) and one with an extra harness with a relay that can be directly connected to the battery (ECU signal wiring is required).



  • Power coil
  • Power igniter
  • Coil bracket
  • Bolt set
  • Dedicated harness


Download instructions HERE.