HKS Super Exhaust Manifold with Catalyzer GT-Spec BRZ / GT86

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The exhaust manifold of 86/BRZ is very important for higher power. Stock exhaust manifold has a catalyzer and it's causing a resistance for exhaust output that make the engine to perform poorly. HKS SUPER MANIFOLD with CATALYZER GT-SPEC for ZN6/ZC6 uses a compact and high cleaning capacity catalyzer, still it has a low resistance which passes Japan Exhaust Gas Regulation. It's a high and efficient performance manifold for your 86/BRZ.


  • We choose 4-2-1 layout for best performance. It's a special smaller size design but still cleared the Japan Exhaust gas regulation because we used more purification material in the catalyzer.
  • We have renewed the design of the layout and catalyzer for less pressure. 4-2-1 exhaust manifold efficiency is greater with the new design and normal to high RPM range provides more power.
  • Acceleration response is much improved in the normal RPM range. And stock's normal power for the high RPM range has improved to more power output. You can enjoy driving fast.
  • It's made of strong material SUS304 which is good for circuit use.


    • For customers with AT 86/BRZ and purchased this product, and the Exhaust Gas Certificate says for "MT", Please contact to the shop where you made purchase or please contact HKS customer service. (We will send you the right certificate)
    • If you don't use with HKS Flash Editor, you need to modify the stock O2 sensor.