HKS Super Exhaust Manifold with Catalyzer Boxer Spec BRZ / GT86

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Subaru's unique exhaust sound has been fondly called "boxer sound" by many Subaru owners for many years.
Recent Subaru mainly utilizes an equal length and 4-2-1 exhaust manifold to maximize the engine performance. On the other hand, "boxer sound" is now disappearing. BRZ, of course, utilizes an equal length and 4-2-1 exhaust manifold for the best engine performance.
Does creating Subaru "boxer sound" spoil the engine performance? To answer this question, HKS conducted various tests and verified the results. As a result, unequal length 4-1 exhaust manifold was developed, and reproduction of “boxer sound” and engine output improvement were achieved together.
The main features of this product are the optimized bank pipe diameter for the right and left sides and vehicle specific catalyzer to manage both the exhaust gas and engine output. This product promises to be an exquisite piece for "Subarists" who know the exhaust sound to enjoy. The durability of this product was tested to guarantee it.
Enjoy the unique boxer sound from the horizontally opposed engine.


  • Subaru's unique boxer sound is reproduced without sacrificing the engine output.
  • A vehicle specific catalyzer is included.
  • Main material is SUS304 which is capable of circuit driving.
  • This product is compatible with 86, BRZ, and FRS.

* This product includes only the exhaust manifold with catalyzer. (Flash Editor is NOT included.)