Drive Shaft Shop 900HP Front Axles EVO 7/8/9 with 20mm longer bars (for EVO X front arms)

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These are the Level 2 Front axles for the Evo 7/8/9. The Level 2 axles for the Evo feature aerospace grade 32 spline, up from the factory 30 spline, torsional axle bars with our special double temper process, billet inner and outer CV's and are a direct bolt-in to the factory hubs. These axles are complete and ready to install. Price listed is for both axles. This is our X2 axles but made with the longer axle bars.for use with Evo X spindles and others(time attack version) (this is both left and right axles. if you would like just the axle bars to be able to be used on your factory ends shoot us an email.