ATS Pull Type Twin Metal Clutch Kit EVO X

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Are you sick of heavy pedal effort or harsh engagemnet of performance pull type clutches?? With the world wide patent pending "Double Action Release mechanism", ATS has shattered the conventional pull type clutch concept.


  • Unique Double Action Release Mechanism, the new pull type cluthces provide an incredibly easy operation for both street and race track.
  • Clutch pedal effort is 11kg to 12kg which is slighlty lighter than stock. The pedal effort of the 1,700kg version is 15 % to 20 % heavier than stock
  • The clutch engagement point is in the middle of the pedal stroke and there is not much difference from the stock organic clutch
  • Compared to the conventional pull type clutch, the ATS pull type gives the driver a wider engagement (slipping) point for much easier launch
  • Crisp and very sharp disengagment
  • It comes with ATS wedge collar and you can use the stock throwout bearing (except for Evo 10 for which requires the Evo 9 stock throwout bearing)