ATS Carbon LSD EVO 1-10 RS Rear (no AYC)

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The ATS Carbon LSD combines the benefits of carbon and metal into one unit.

Advantage of carbon disc
* Reduced under steer
* Superior locking performance at a low initial torque
* No noise

Advantage of metal disc
* Superb durability
* Powerful locking performance

  • The LSD is activated at a lower torque than the metal LSD and generates less under steel
  • It maintains the higher initial torque longer
  • Several choices are offered in carbon / metal combination
  • It can superbly handle the tough FF driving condition with slick tires
  • The LSD case is made of heat treated forged chromoly for the maximum strength
  • Ample optional & spare parts are available for excellent adjustability
  • Outstanding choice for the endurance race, racing with slick tires, and competitions