Athena Multilayer Racing Head Gasket EVO 4-9 86.3mm T 1.15mm

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Specifically designed to deal with increasingly high cylinder pressures and temperatures, Athena's multilayer gaskets are fitted by many car manufacturers as original equipment. They are manufactured using high-grade shape memory AISI 301 and they are provided with a combination of 3 to 5 outer and inner layers which are capable of withstanding higher compression levels compared to standard configurations. The type of steel used for the layers can vary with the needs of the engine. They provide excellent sealing capability that is uniform across the entire surface, compensating for any type of cylinder bore distortion. They are the best solution for both engines with aluminium cylinder heads with cast iron cylinder blocks and for engines with aluminium cylinder heads with aluminium cylinder blocks. Each layer is individually cut with state of art of laser equipment which guarantees perfect cut quality, while the embossments are formed with an optimal stabilization process. Athena's multilayer gaskets are carefully analyzed and tested.