AMS Fuel Rail Upgrade Package R35 GT-R

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The factory GT-R fuel rails are adequate to 900 horsepower but once we exceeded that with our Alpha turbo kits the restrictions became apparent.  The AMS Engineering Team went to work by dissecting and testing ALL of the factory components and lines in our fuel flow test cell.  They diagnosed all of the restrictions and developed a fuel rail system that greatly increases fuel flow in the most intelligent way possible.  What they created is a non-intrusive, bolt-in solution capable of supporting over 1500 hp when used with a supporting fuel system.



  • Non-intrusive, bolt-in solution; No cutting or splicing required
  • Compatible with all types of OEM-style fuel injectors
  • Top-grade components and hardware
  • Supports up to 1300BHP when used with the current Alpha Fuel System
  • All components are compatible with pump gas, race gas, and ethanol (E85 & E98)


    • CNC-machined & anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum fuel rails
    • OEM style quick connectors and anodized aluminum swivel AN fittings
    • Fuelab fuel pressure regulator with gauge
    • All necessary fittings, brackets, and mounting hardware
    • Nissan R35 GT-R Fuel Rail – Factory Removal Instructions



    • Alpha fuel system is currently capable of supporting 1300 bhp, high bhp rated fuel systems will be available in the near future
    • AMS does not recommend the use of any degreasers on anodized parts. If washing parts is needed we recommend using soap and water
    • Alpha fuel rails will not work w/ASNU fuel injectors