AMS Alpha Performance Intake Mercedes M133 2.0L A45 AMG

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For added performance and aesthetic appeal you can choose to add our Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Duct and Air Box Lid. In an effort of cost savings your 2.0L M133 turbocharged engine comes equipped with a plastic air duct which is corrugated on the inside disrupting flow. To make matters worse it also features a big support “pillar” in the middle of the airflow path to keep the flimsy plastic from collapsing which hinders power output. With the Alpha Carbon Fiber Air Intake Duct we eliminated these restrictions supplying your hungry engine with all the cool air it needs!


  • 20+HP increase in just 15 minutes
  •     Uses factory ducting for cooler air charge and maximum power
  •     Reduces turbo lag
  •     Smooth transition for best airflow
  •     High-flow, low maintenance dry media filter (no filter oil required)
  •     No computer tuning needed