Motec PDM32 Power Distrubition Module

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MoTeC’s 16 output Power Distribution Module (PDM16) is designed to provide electronically switched power to the various electrical systems in the vehicle such as motors, lights and solenoids, and electronic devices such as ECUs and data acquisition systems.

The module replaces conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifying wiring and reducing weight while increasing reliability.

An IP68 rated PDM32M can be ordered for applications exposed to extreme environmental conditions.


  • Each output is over-current, short circuit and thermal overload protected.
  • Outputs programmable in 1 A steps and controllable via a combination of switch inputs, CAN messages and logic functions.
  • Performs up to 200 logic operations and functions that can be MoTeC ECU Models used to selectively turn off systems.
  • Provides full diagnostic information via CAN.


  • 8 x 20 A outputs - 20 A continuous, 115 A transient (typical)
  • 24 x 8 A outputs - 8 A continuous, 60 A transient (typical)

  • 23 x Switch inputs

  • 1 x CAN

Diagnostic Information
  • Output current and voltages
  • Input voltages
  • Error status

  • Connectors
1 x 37 pin Autosport connector
1 x 26 pin Autosport connector
1 x 1 pin Autosport connector
1 x 8 pin Autosport connector
  • Case size 180 x 60 x 28 mm
  • Weight 405 grams