About Us

Here at J-SPEC PERFORMANCE SA we specialize in high performance automotive products and builds on the european market since 2005. We have a fully equipped workshop and a 4 wheel drive dynamometer. We offer tuning services (whether it be a factory ECU or a standalone motorsports ECU), race and street car builds, engine and transmission builds, race wheel alignment and suspension setup, motorsports wiring harness construction, general maintenance and individual packages to suit our customer's goals.

Whether it be for street driving, time attack, drag racing or other forms of racing we can study the perfect solution for you.

We have a large stock of aftermarket parts that can be delivered in 24 hours.
We are official distributors for many important brands from Japan and USA primarily, which allows us to offer great customer service, fast delivery and competitive pricing.

We sell both street legal parts and race parts. Street legal parts are delivered, where required, with Swiss homologation certificates. If you are unsure if a part is legal or not please contact us.