Motec M130 ECU + GP Lite Package

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The GP Lite Package is an entry level platform for the operation of port-injected engines. This single product can be configured over a range of complexities, from controlling a simple, naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine to a twin turbo charged V8. Configurable engine synchronisation modes accommodate most modern engine triggering systems.
Included are numerous ancillary features, such as driver switches (engine map, boost limit etc.), launch control and single stage nitrous oxide injection. GP Lite also caters for many systems found on modified road vehicles, such as closed loop boost control and fuel control, and includes two definable auxiliary control outputs. The Package does not include drive by wire, variable cam control or knock control. It seamlessly integrates with other MoTeC products like Display Loggers and Shift Light Modules.


This product does not include CAN messaging for OE vehicle integration. Therefore, it does not cater for OE vehicle systems such as power steering, ABS, starting systems and dashboards.


  • Operates port injected engines from 1 to 8 cylinders (M130
  • Configurable engine synchronisation modes for many common
    engine types. Refer to the Engine Speed Modes section for
    current details.
  • GP Lite can sense camshaft position on variable cam engines
    for synchronisation, however it does not provide variable cam
  • TDC setup wizard may be used to set the top dead centres on
    even-fire engines.
  • Configurable ignition output pin for each cylinder allows for
    coil-on-plug or wasted spark and distributor ignition systems.
  • Dual bank lambda control supported; requires optional LTC
    with Bosch LSU4.9 sensor or LTCN with NTK sensor.
  • Physical settings for engine displacement, fuel density+molar
    mass, stoichiometric ratio and injector characteristics, allow
    for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning.
  • Easy and fast engine tuning using engine volumetric efficiency
  • Engine load modelling based on inlet manifold pressure and
    inlet manifold temperature.
  • Sensor calibrations available for many common automotive