MHI TF06-18K Bolt-On Turbo EVO X

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Very little is shared with the stock turbo, this is a brand new design specifically for the EVO X.
The turbine wheel is a new TF06-07 mated to an all new billet 18KX3RC compressor wheel co-designed by Forced Performance. The compressor cover has also gotten the redesign treatment and features a 3" inlet and surge ports. The stock wastegate actuator has been ditched in favor of this new MHI high pressure 18PSI actuator. What does this mean for you? A stock frame turbocharger, designed by the best in the business, manufactured by the company that built your car, that's capable of stock like spool, and produces around 54LB a minute.

This turbo also comes with our full size 3" inlet elbow for maximum flow, and the three bolts needed to install it.