AMS Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Kit Supra MKV A90

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Our AMS Performance MKV Supra Carbon Fiber Air Intake kit was designed to draw a higher volume of cold air into the stock turbocharger. With this intake installed, the factory plastic filter box and plastic intake tube are replaced with our motorsport grade matte carbon fiber components and dry media air filter. The MKV Supra Carbon Fiber Air Intake Kit is a vast improvement over the stock intake system and in our extensive SnailWorks© Engineering Team R&D testing has shown a massive 25% increase in airflow efficiency!


  •     Draws a Higher Volume of Cold Air
  •     Enclosed Intake Completely Seals Out Hot Engine Bay Air
  •     Motorsports Grade, Hand Laid Carbon Fiber
  •     Durable Billet Aluminum Mounting Hardware
  •     Eliminates Unsightly Engine Bay Clutter
  •     No Yellowing or Fading Over Time
  •     100% Cold Air From Outside of Your MKV Supra
  •     Even Distribution of Cold Air Across Filter
  •     Dry Media Filter means Easy Cleaning and NO Oil


  •     Motorsport Grade Matte Carbon Fiber Sealed Airbox
  •     Motorsport Grade Matte Carbon Fiber Intake Tube
  •     Rubber Grommet Airbox Seal
  •     Dry Media Filter
  •     Billet Aluminum Brackets and Stanchions
  •     All Necessary Mounting Hardware
  •     Online Installation Instructions