RAYS Volk Racing TE37X UL Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc Wheel
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Color: Blast Black (BC)
Included: European Aluminium Air Valve (RAYS new logo)(BK)


TE37Ultra Light was born by pursuing an ever lighter weight.
The X in TE37X represents the 4WD wheel. TE37X has been developed for off-road vehicles and is loved by many of their drivers for the pleasure the wheels provide. RAYS has newly designed TE37X UL for Jimny, a lightweight, compact 4WD vehicle. The evolution of recent genuine lightweight wheels is advancing at furious speeds. Compared to genuine wheels, TE37X UL has shed weight to reach 5.45 kg. This is VOLK RACING.
This model features blast black, a new color, as well as a diamond-cut design. TE37X UL raises your racing spirit and increases your off-road style.
Needless to say, its strength is the trustworthy JWL-Spec2 level, which means that the allowable rotating speed is far beyond double the set government standard for rotating drum stress tests.
All cars have a racing spirit!
RAYS' original forging technology brings out the performance and beauty of your cars.