RAYS Volk Racing GT090 Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc Wheel
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Color: Blast Black (BC), Shining Metal Dark (HM)
Included: Air Valve, Center Cap

This wheel has aesthetics.
VOLK RACING debuts a 20/21 inch forged wheel “GT090” as the new “GT series” while tire manufacturers continues to supply reliable and suitable grip performance for vehicle performance over 600ps and 4-wheel drive hyper sports vehicle. VOLK RACING GT090. This wheel has aesthetics. You can easily find that its root is a racing wheel from its shape. It boiled up beauty to sharpen the essence of driving and to overthrow its own stereotype. But, homage to a racing wheel is boring. That’s why it has been formed to further past authentic beauty of function and to fascinate customers. Sharpened spokes are from the racing wheel of FIA GT3. How it accepts high input figures from the road? That theme generates those 9 spokes. Reducing weight while paying close attention to stress from road, and massive design of center part of wheel with strength.Those facts solve antinomy, light weight and strength. Proud of 0’s (ZERO series) spoke side weight less holes which has been adopted from the TE037. Those 27 pieces pierced holes are not just an expression of innovation. That is an optimum shape with numerous tryouts of analysis, and contributes light weight and stress diffusion. For the color feature, the Blast Black is a suitable color for this wheel to express fierceness, while the HM color express elegance. The logos MADE IN JAPAN/VOLK RACING/RAYS ENG. which are machined on part of outer rim with our patented technology A.M.T indicating its high performance. Finally, a 20/21inch for hyper cars arrives. Long awaited VOLK RACING for you.