RAYS Volk Racing G16 BC/C Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc Wheel (20Inch Reverse Rim)
RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
Color:MM/Black Clear (MN)
Included:Center Cap, Air Valve

Intensity with black shine
VOLK RACING G series gave itself a design of an orthodox sports wheel, while expressing elegance and nobleness.
“Face and line composed by non-stressed lines” is what we explained when it debuted, based on the production method of a racing wheel.
That shape takes careful concern of “how does it accept and defuse any stress from the road?”
In addition, its shape is not set in an 8piece Y-style spoke. It is a 16 spoke design which laminates 8 spokes alternately. That is why it was named “G16”.
This time a new color spec is added to the G16.The name is “BC/C”, which means Black clear/Diamond cut.
A Machined Diamond Cut finish and a carefully painted black clear coat on the disk surface.
This black clear color displays a different face depending on angle views.
And RAYS believes its instinct expresses the G16 to be a strong wheel, made from VOLK RACING.