RAYS Gram Lights AZURE 57CNA Wheel

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Method: Cast 1pc Wheel
RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
Color: Super Dark Gunmetal/Diamond Cut/Machining(HF), Shining Silver/Diamond Cut/Machining(SA)
Included: GL Center Cap, Air Valve


The third model to use hybrid machining.
We are now offering the first 22-inch wheel in the gramLIGHTS lineup. This 22-inch wheel, which joins the lineup’s 20-inch wheel, is a 2x10 mesh model that employs hybrid machining, named 57CNA. The 2x10 mesh design ensures that the base volume is sufficient even when matched with vehicle bodies such as L-class SUVs or minivans. Hybrid machining also optimizes the shape and angles for the 57CNA to achieve a three-dimensional appearance.