RAYS Gram Lights 57CR-X Wheel

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Method: Cast 1pc Wheel (Reverse Rim)
RAYS original test:JWL & JWL-T Standerds
Color:Color:Black/Rim DC (BAZ)
Included:Air Valve


6-hole Model Evolved from the 57CR
This 57CR-X is the converted 6-hole model of the 57CR for HIACE, which is an authentic 5-spoke design that is popular in drift competitions and other sports scenes. The basic design is based on the 57CR of the 5-hole model, and each part has been adjusted and optimized for the 6-hole shape. In addition, we realized a concave face while securing the depth of the diamond-cut rim by forming it into a reverse rim shape. Needless to say for a gramLIGHTS brand wheel, we achieved weight reduction.
This is the debut of the sport model 57CR-X, which evolved from the 57CR that battles in harsh competitions such as D1GP and FORMULA DRIFT.