RAYS A-LAP-J 2122 Limited Edition Wheel

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Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel (18inch Reverse Rim)
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Color: Arms Gray (AG)
Included: Air Valve, Sticker


Simply Low Visibility color debut
A・LAP-J is known for light-weight wheel especially for the Suzuki Jimny.
The limited models have been released annually and this year the ARMS GRAY model has been employed. Low visibility colors are often used for military aircraft, but recently, they are getting popular in color variations in vehicle as well. A・LAP-J, which give a priority to lightness rather than design, and the low visibility color developed for practical use are based on common points of “simplicity and fortitude.” This can also be said for the JIMNY. 6J INSET -5 and 6.5J INSET -15 has been employed only for this limited model. These sizes are prepared not only for the JIMNY SIERRA but for the vehicle owners who make create radical customization with wide fenders. This model will surely make you satisfied.