AMS Alpha Titanium Strut Bar Mercedes CLA/GLA/A Series AMG - Front

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Introducing the Alpha Performance CLA 45 AMG Titanium Strut Tower Brace. Adding the Alpha Titanium STB to your CLA 45’s engine bay helps disperse the shock of energy from bumps, pot holes, and most importantly track session cornering loads. By connecting the tops of your struts together the Alpha CLA 45 Titanium STB distributes energy and avoids deformation of the front strut towers.
Avoiding deflection of the strut towers during operation makes sure that your tires are maintaining the greatest amount of tire contact to the road. This in turn leads to better cornering, braking, acceleration, and stiffening of the chassis leads to better steering response. The construction of the Alpha Performance CLA 45 AMG STB is what sets it apart.


  • CLA45 AMG
  •     CLA 250
  •     GLA45 AMG
  •     GLA 250
  •     A45 AMG
  •     A 250
  •     Infiniti QX30
  •     Will not fit cars with the active suspension option